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Once, It Almost Got Me Fired

When putting myself through school, years ago, I supported myself by working various retail jobs.  I quite enjoyed retail...liked working with people, helping people find what they were looking for.  Christmas, however, was not the most enjoyable time of year while working in a mall. 

One very crazy Christmas season, I was working a Saturday afternoon (after a full 42 hours of school that week) and was getting run off my feet.  I was a great salesperson so they liked me on the floor helping customers but I was also careful and accurate with the til, so they also liked to have on cash.  I was pulled in both directions until I almost dropped.  We had a really nasty assistant manager I'll call Cindy, for the sake calling her something.  Cindy had been having a long week too and on that particular Saturday she was in a foul mood...even for her.  She was mad at the part-timers who messed up the stock looking for stuff in the back, mad at the customers who didn't know what they wanted, mad at the staff for having the gall to request a break....mad at me, just for kicks.  She blew up at the girl on cash for not being fast enough and, from across the store, I hear "WHYM!  Get OVER HERE!"  so, I made my way to her.  She threw me on cash and stood behind me tapping her feet impatiently as I rang the next customer through.  This is where it all got too funny for me to stand.

The woman was buying a lot of stuff and had asked for boxes.  We had nice boxes, with tissue paper, and had been trained to take great care in wrapping up our customers purchases.  Well, there was just no time for Cindy, who started to grab the stuff and launch it into boxes without folding, slamming boxes into, you should have seen the customer's face.  Anyway...we had these 'discount' cards that we were forced to try to sell at the cash with every know the ones...10% of your purchase, blah blah blah.  Well she had one.  She handed it to me to get her discount, but sadly, the card was expired.  She said "oh well" and handed me her credit card.  I set the two cards down on top of my register to fix up the bags Cindy had packed, and Cindy FLIPPED out and said "OMG WHYM!  Are you stupid!!? You KNOW we have to cut these discount cards up when they are expired and here you are letting it sit right there where anyone could walk up and steal it!"  I opened my mouth to respond to Cindy, in not my usual easygoing way, when I realized that she was standing there, glaring at me, holding the customers CREDIT CARD in her fingers with scissors poised.  I had a two second debate with myself and decided to be the better person.  "!" I began...and....snnnnnnip!  The credit card fell to the floor in two pieces in front of me.  (Did I mention this was three days before Christmas?!).  I took one look at the customer, said "Oh, I'm so sorry for what's about to happen" and then I literally fell to my knees laughing so hard I almost peed myself.  Cindy had not yet moved...stood frozen in tableau...scissors dangling. 

I kind of lurched out of sight and into the back room where I tried very hard to stop laughing before the customer had me fired.  It was just.....I don't know...karma in action, watching that happen. 

In the end, the customer was very angry...but, hilariously, not with me.  She reported to my company how terrible Cindy was to the employees, and commented on how I was only trying to fix up Cindy's mistakes.  Cindy's last day was boxingday....she didn't go near the cash. 

Whym Whym 36-40, F 62 Responses Jun 10, 2010

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Cindy should be on 'horrible bosses', like wtf! Wow and in front of cash paying customers....

Ah sweet karma 😊

100th heart!

By me

I can appreciate this more having worked in retail over the holidays a bunch of times. Cindy did herself a favour; she clearly wasn't in the right career.

Karma is a B*tch lmao!

This is awesome. It's a Christmas miracle!

lmao! It was exactly that! Thanks :)

Oh dear she must have been a right ebenezer Scrooge that day no Xmas spirit

Oy vey! I've been there, done that, had the same horrible assistant manager. lol. I think you handled it much better then I would have. Though I totally would have laughed in the end too.

Great story..........................having been in retail as well, I can completely undestand the woes.

Having worked retail in the past,I feel a kinship to this experience and have had many others like it.Thanks for sharing and making me laugh yet again.I could get quite used to this.:D

*smiles and hugs* xx

I want to get used to this as well.:D

Wow a custer to defend your action in middle if christmass and loosing a needed credit card for the season very lucky lady iwould of be fired right their

I really enjoyed reading that. Excellent story, thanks for sharing.

Thanks for reading! :). I enjoyed experiencing it.

Great story...very hilarious..truly enjoyed it

Thanks for sharing


lol..thanks! I had a good time experiencing it too...lololol!

I bet you did...

I had jobs in places like that too. The boss has a ****** life and wants to take it out on the people under. Not fun.

Isn't it great when nasty people get their reward.

It is indeed. You almost never get to see it, but wow is it ever satisfying when you do!

Oh wow, that's crazy! LOL

Haha...was awesome.

That is awesome. I don't like managers like that. Like you, it is hard to contain myself sometimes:)

You've gotta laugh sometimes right?

That's all you can do!

So your real name is Whym?

Lol. Just enacting a little creative license there.


Glad I could make you smile. :) Thank you.

LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is one of the best stories I have read! Cindy is my worst nightmare. I absolutely CAN'T STAND people like her!!!! I can not stand people who abuse their "power" and try to make others peoples life miserable because they are miserable. I have know plenty of misery in my life and have many friends who do to but most of us don't go around acting like Cindy. Unfortunately there are many people who do. I know that these kind of moments are bound to happen to each and every Cindy of the world. I just don't always get the pleasure of hearing about it.
Too bad her kind usually never learns . . .

I couldn't agree more. Karma is sometimes a bit slow on the uptake. I have never had such a satisfying moment in my entire work
Now I work for people who carry around their god complexes in a wheelie cart behind them, but event they are not half as bad as Cindy.

Thanks for reading! :)

If I'd been that customer, I'd have reacted in the same way - reporting Cindy. I don't think I'd have been mad at you for laughing, except in - possibly - a peripheral, tangential sort of way. I might even have laughed, too, if my sense of humour had been up to it at that point.

To be honest, my sense of humour is a bit weird too, so yeah... I'd probably have laughed. But then I'd have reported Cindy.

I just couldn't help it....had I been any more in control I'd have kept my laughter to myself but it was just such a perfect moment, I couldn't pass it up. :)

hahaha....beautiful story!!! I love it!!!

Thank you muchly. :D

I`m sitting here with a huge smile on my face. I would have probably done the same thing or punched Cindy in the yap! Great story Whym. :o)

Excellent. Smiles are awesome in the morning. Thanks Deg~!

This is AWESOME!!! "I'm sorry for what's about to happen"


lol...I can't believe I didn't get fired..but I knew it was coming...had to warn the poor woman. ;)

Just as some countries have compulsory military service, I sometimes think everyone should take a turn in retail.

I was not fired, only suspended without pay when I decided to take a stand. I worked in a grocery store during high school and college. It would annoy me, and other customers when folks would try to cheat the express lane. We had one habitual abuser and I was in one of those moods, so when she came through my lane I dutifully rang up her first 10 items and totaled her order and asked her if it would be cash or check. She asked about the remaining items in her cart, and I said I would gladly find someone to help her put them back, because obviously she had accidentally gone over her limit for that day.

If this particular customer hadn't also been a pain in the store manager's rear, I probably would have been fired, but I think he was secretly pleased, but he had to take some action.

It wasn't exactly on par with storming the Bastille or anything, but I was a hero in my own mind that day.

Good for you! So many people let bullying behaviour like that stand and it's just not okay. There were hundreds of customers in your grocery store that followed the rules and waited in lines longer than they would have liked. I'm thankful for the few, like you, who took a stand.

And I agree...a retail draft would be a great idea. People would be much kinder to retail sales people if they knew what they put up with on a daily basis. (I like to think, anyway).

nice story

Thank you :)


Karma !! Lol.

oh my word. That story was AWESOME! I would have had the same reaction!

As an English learner, I try to get the meaning of WHYM from the dictionary. Orz! I think it is something like OMG. Then i realize it's your name. No offense. I am just too sensitive to words with all capital letters.