It Only Hurts When I Laugh.................

Several years ago my friend and I went to the local Buffeteria. You know how they screamin', people eatin'. We went to ge out meals and sat down, as we were eating a lady walked passed me with a plate in each hand and one more on each arm--she was a pro. She sat down behind me, I pulled my chair in but she pulled two chairs for her, as she sat down she complained to the other woman who was dining with her that she just couldn't land a boyfriend. I was trying desperately trying to keep a straight face on this, I tried to tune her out but my friend (Who passed on--God rest his soul) and called things as he saw them leaned over and said she could land a Battleship--I lost it, we both did, so bad in fact I fell off the chair, she turned around and looked at me on the floor and resumed eating. The Manager came over and ask if everything was O.K. I told him I had an allergy fit. I don't know why but I always seem to be in the spot when things happen and I can't keep a straight face and it happens with women mostly. I have more stories as well.
paddytram paddytram
56-60, M
Jul 2, 2010