Some People Get It Some Just Dont..

I love it when you run into someone randomly, you know, at the store or in the elevator that gets it. I was paying for gas at an AM/PM a while back, and it was very busy. The cashier looked a little frazzled, she was the only one at the counter and had about 6 people in line. Out of the corner of my eye I notice this woman at one of the pumps, having some kind of issue with the pump that was causing her to stomp her foot and wave her arms around and look pissed in the general direction of the clerk. I could see that the clerk was aware of this high strung woman, but could not do twenty things at one time. I had just reached the counter when Miss Histrionics finally stomps up to the store and complains-no it was more of a whine mixed with a "why do I even have to deal with you people"? attitude stating that she doesnt have time to deal with this and blah blah and marches back out of the store. I couldnt help myself as she stormed out the door I had to mock her attitude and made a little joke that the cashier totally appreciated. I wasnt being mean, but why do some people have to act like they are the only ones on a schedule and their time is somehow so much more precious than the rest of us. Anyway, it made the clerk feel better and that always makes me feel better, too.

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Cheers, these people are around, serving as others' entertainment, LOL.<br />
<br />
I don't like it when they harass service people who can't answer back though.

I did the same once but it was some spoiled kid that wanted candy lol