2 Occurences

1st Occurence
Who's that knockin' on my door? Let him in...Damn I can't remember who or what the title of the song that is playing in my head? Maybe The Beatles? Hmmmph. I was really getting annoyed this past thursday when I couldn't set a screw into the wall to install a paper towel rack/holder. I used the incorrect bit I guess on the concrete wall and the power drill pounded away with no luck. Don't worry your here making plenty of racket but keep on keeping on! Next bit is a success. Whamo! I do get to the point where I can drop a couple of plastic anchor in, but the holes are a wee bit to tight so I try knocking the plastic anchors in ...Knocking , Knocking back...hmmmm what was that sound? Somebody is knocking back. I try again Knock Knock...Knocking who's there? More! I stop they stop ...Again I try and just figure out somebody somewhere is doing there own thing choppin onions or testing the laws of vibration or looking for termites or knocking for pleasure...Whatever my friend it was just a crazy feeling to be doing something and have the mystery knocker knocking with me...I did happen to enlarge the holes and install my appliance properly and I did find out the Phantom knocker was yours truly~ my Mom. Well it is nice to know she still has a sense of humor that stuck out while I was a child that was still going and knocking along. Good!

2nd Occurence
I Draw the line at "Insects!" Little legs, hard shell bodies, antenna's Yuck! I eat a lot of things I like mayonnaise, onions, escargot, and frog legs. Chocolate covered ants or spiders are you crazy??? This topic is how I define who I am and I'm definitely not in the "I'll eat anything" category. Once upon a time I was bewildered and befuddled by the question; "Is there any foods you don't like?" I recall my cousin saying that he didn't like the brand Plochman's mustard instead he liked French's OK but preferred not I can't eat it at all I understand. Are you still there? I would be at a restaurant and order me a drink say Coke but they wouldn't have any Coke products just Pepsi I would take the Pepsi no problem! But some people draw the line and now so do I. No bugs!
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ha ha,, very nice!