Clay Aiken Is Funny As Sh#t!

I have been accused of having a strange sense of humor. I often clip pictures and articles and put them up in the break room at the hospital where I work just so I can watch people react. I'll put up pictures of celebrities that I find hilarious. Clay Aiken was playing a show in my town and there was a huge full-page add in the paper of Clay looking all smug and I put it up. Don't know why I find this funny, I just do.

I also seek out a certain type of girl at work to speak to when I need cheering up: white girls who talk like they're from the hood when they clearly aren't. That just cracks me up. They always seem to have fake nails, gold chains with gold name tags, and really big
buns on top of their heads. That makes me giggle inside.

There's this guy in my neighborhood that no one will talk to because he's creepy and confrontational. He's got a looong beard, a handlebar mustache, and long grey hair. He wears a cowboy hat, camo jacket, and aviator shades whether he's indoors or out. I always go talk to him if he's outside because he's an effing riot. He tells me all about crossbow hunting, tells me he's an assassin for the CIA, and I should never tell anyone because he'll kill me(with a crossbow! Ha!), and out of the blue he'll tell me "you have a great walk but you need to tone it down 10%." or "you should quit your nursing job and become a ********. You'll make more money that way." My husband can't understand why I crack up at this stuff. Oh well. At least i'm able to laugh.
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That's awesome. Take it on the road- the laughing masochist. All the tickle sadists will be standing in line with huge feathers. One restriction: no ball gags.

Well, that's why I love to be tied down, surrender control to whomever takes the lead! I am exceptionally ticklish in just about anyplace that you can imagine. Laughing both excites and arouses every sense and makes me come alive -- sort of like an old Salem cigarette commercial. This is my escape from reality! It never does happen enough.

See, I can't take a hard tickling. Not even a mild tickling. I flail my limbs about as if I'm having an epileptic seizure and usually wind up injuring some well-intentioned person while in the throes of hysteria. I can't even get a pedicure without going into giggle fits. If I only had your endurance.

. . . and here's something that's considered starnge that I love to do. I read, cut out and collect unusual obituaries and death notices. Not just your typical, run-of-the mill "so and so fell off of a cliff," but the wierd names like, "Bubba Rubber," or "Mallet Head." I've got them. <br />
<br />
And yes, I live to be tied down and tickle tortured. . . no safe words no mercy. Silly, isn't it?

That's the thing...people who dead serious about ridiculous things amuse me. They have no idea they're funny. A lot of people who try to be funny aren't. Your username is quite funny by the way. The pen is mightier than the sword? Or vice versa. :)

Thanks a bunch. I consider you an authority on the subject as there is no one with a better disposition than someone who is willing to be tickled into oblivion!

I love your sense of humor!