Maybe Im Just Crazy ; )

I tend to laugh at the wrong things, but of course because i try to find joy in every situation. And i find myself ok with just about anything. Im amused by very odd things on a daily basis. Is this good? who knows, some might say it means i am simple minded. I can agree to a sence, but i think it just means i have an open personality
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oh wow, haha thats crazy!

actual story at a real funeral recently...the standersby were feeling quite sober in their dark clothes as the casket of the departed was lowering into the trench assigned, until....a relative noticed the casket didn't look like the one he had purchased at exorbitant cost--for the departed. The man requested that the casket be opened before interment and guess what?--the wrong corpse in the wrong casket had been delivered to the wrong mourners! The chagrined funeral people rectified this by moving the entire gathering of mourners to a neighboring pet cemetery, where the residents--dogs mostly--found the situation very funny

same here

Okay, maybe instead of sock puppets, we'll just opt for a whoopee cushion in the casket.

haha yeah, dont know that i would myself go that far, but not saying i wouldnt smile at the person trying to lighten the mood either :)

I think it's a good thing to find humor and/or a silver lining in everything you encounter. Unless, of course, you are making sock puppets out of the deceased's footwear at a funeral. Not that it wouldn't be funny, but that's just bad karma.