It's Funny To Me!

Quirky humor. That's how it began. Then it just became a game of over-the-top. If each act isn't funnier than the last, I am washed up.

April Fools Day. Early morning. Wife still in bed. I get up to take a shower before work, as usual. I have some "props" in the shower this time. I get ready, then....WHAM! CRASH! I make as much noise as possible to signal my "slip" in the shower, then get into position (crumpled) on the bathtub floor. But not after squirting the appropriate amounts of ketchup onto the wall, the faucet, and my head. 

As I hoped, my concerned new wife comes in to check on the noise. She calls my name once. Then twice. Then she opens the curtain to see my still body laying in the tub as "blood" swirls down the drain. She begins sobbing and yelling. At this time, I jump up and yell BOO! She runs to the bedroom and recoils in fetal position on the bed, shivering.

She is MAD at me?

This is clearly a joke. And a good one! I got her! Why the poopy reaction?
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3 Responses Jul 27, 2010

You're lucky she does'nt have a panic disorder. that would have put me into the hospital. If someone loves you deeply...never make your own very graphic death a joke. Not cool, and I come from a family of pranksters.

^^^^^^^What they said!!!!!^^^^^^^^<br />
<br />
And to quote Monty Python......expect it when you least expect it! Hope she gets you back good!!

This is just a guess...maybe she got mad because she thought you were Fu@king DEAD! You scared the sh#t out of her! Hope she got you back good..