Laugh =]

Aha, I'll laugh at almost ANYTHING!! like, no matter what it is.
I find it funny like, to see if someone fell in a public place, I mean, i'd even laugh if i did too
but like, course i'd wonder if they are okay, just i wouldn't be able to help it.
Like, i like to fool around a lot with my mom when we go out to like the mall or something.....she just gets mad at me and tells me to stop >.< !!! like, I'm just tryin to have fun jeez sorry lol
But yeah, i love to laugh, even at the stupid little things =]
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7 Responses Jul 27, 2010

I don't want to do it, but it's stronger than mee, i can't stop laughing when this happens to me jaja

but! ... Hilarious! lolololololol

O.o ew lmao!

LOL it is funny!!! especially if its at like 3am and they are in their underwear.

ohhhh trust me, my laugh isn't the best either xDD<br />
<br />
ahaha i know!! just...idk but you can't help to laugh when someones yelling! like a teacher or your parents...not that it's funny just idk XD

Lol, I do the same thing. Sometimes it's really bad like someone is yelling at the top of their lungs, completely pissed and I bust up laughing.

HAHH, i am the same way... like with the whole falling thing i will laugh at it as i am helping them up, but yeahh... lol... <br />
<br />
But at least you don't have a wierd obnoxious laugh like me... haha