Weird Sense Of Humour?

How can you have a "weird sense of humour"?
As long as it is not "nasty" and does nobody any harm (unless they are politicians), anything goes.
It is a bit like a television programme. "If you don't like it,switch channels.
Personally, I find footballers very funny.
Don't get me wrong. I love soccer.
But when they go on TV , with a collar and suit and try to sound intelligent, while scratching their balls at the same time, to me that is funny!
In the UK,there was a very popular comic called Dave Allen (look him up).
He told me: "There are only six jokes in the world. Every other joke is a derivative of the same subject."
That has stuck in my mind for 20 years!
He was right (RIP)!
he was a true professional stand-up comic (well, he used to sit down on a stool).
His only "prop" was a glass of Irish whiskey. He never drank whiskey, although the audience thought so.
No. He drank champagne in his dressing room - and only champagne!
But the audience wanted to associate with a drunken Irish comic - so that is what he gave them!
I know this for a fact. I interviewed him for the local newspaper.
One of the conditions of the "dressing room" interview was that I should NOT REVEAL that he never drank Irish Whiskey.
I agreed.
He died about 10 years ago and took that secret to his grave.
100% true!
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2 Responses Jul 29, 2010

I remember Dave Allen, that whiskey was a trade mark. The other thing I remember is he had part of one of his fingers missing.

Dave Allen was my favourite comedian, his dry wit, political criticism & irreverence to the clergy always had me in stitches. I suppose that his catholic upbringing, where a faith changes its sins to suit the Popes whim, clashed with his obvious intelligence. I have heard about the six jokes, but have no idea what they are. I thought that he was a mechanic in his youth, losing part of his fingers to a fan belt. ps. If your avatar is a picture of your wife then please allow me to complement her on her lovely boobs & attractive face, she looks lovely, I would love to see more.