So Don't Be Offended.

Growing up I was surrounded by a large family that had a wicked sense of humor. I was often the subject of their jokes and stories, but I learned how to deal with it, as they were only jokes. It also helped me though. I learned in life you have to have thick skin and take any criticisim or jokes that comes at you. In a way, it has also helped me with my self esteem.

I love trying to make people laugh. I have a sense of humor. This is who I am.

mikanippon mikanippon
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Where have you been all my life?

On earth! Lol

Just not my little corner of it.

Humour does add spice to our lives. It makes the others laugh with us...

What question? Lol.

oh.. wow.. how wicked is your sense of humor? I dont' know you, but I am a very sensitive, weak, thin skinned man.. I would appreciate you avoid any jokes directed at redheads.. people with freckles, old men, people with short term memory loss.. long term memory loss, people with funny looking toenails.. poor fashion minded men.. please none at those of us who have no rhythm.. runners.. coaches..(stop.. i can already hear your wheels turning).. dads who have teenagers.. people who prefer there iced tea unsweetened.. right handed people.. people with short term memory loss.. umm.. what was the question?

Agreed, yet sometimes I allow the comments of the ignorant to bother me....which in turn the ignorant live rent free in my head....There is a thin grey line once it's crossed there is no going back...I work with people who have make themselves feel better they tend to pick on people.<br />
Thanks for posting this it's helping me to resolve within myself the issue of comments made by those less fortunate...

what happened to you??

Thank you for your kind words my friend mikanippon ....:)

great jesus ur everywhere

A beautiful honour my friend in tune with your most precious words penned You have a great smile Thank you.. ^_^...:)

are you really 13-15 yrs old?

Being able to laugh is important. <br />
Also, no babies are hurt by telling dead baby jokes. :P

or they block you on EP! LOL!!

Yeah if they can't handle the humor then it's best to go separate ways or else you'll just keep getting glared at lol

LOL...shimmery...glad to hear ur the same. i like to ask alot of questions and i feed off the answers, but some people take it too serious and get offended. beats me why.

My family is similar, always jokes and smart *** comments. You learn to roll with it. Looking at myself now, I'm the same way. hahaha

u wanna laugh with me girl? LOL