Facebook And Family Drama

Just the other day I had got into it with my sister's husband on facebook. I don't even know how it had gotten that far but it did. i had posted some oppinion about what the world breaking news thats going on right now and well being the way that my so call friends are always having to post replys on my posts had replied a stupid comment. I told them to shut up and well My brother in law wrote back saying that I get persuaded too easily. So being that we always joke around I decided to play along and say yeah I do believe what people say too easily and I was playing dumb pretending to say that are we at war with iraq for their oil? well i guess that hit a nerve on my brother in laws little brother because he replied back with anger in his words. basically telling me that i am stupid and don't know nothing about whats going on with the world so i should just shut up and not try to debate about stuff i know nothing about. I got offended and replied that he needed to chill out because theres no need to be getting angry over some joke. he gets mad and is telling me that he is just correcting me and that maybe I should start trying to listen to what he is saying before i go off saying stuff and people gets misinformed about that stuff. come on okay all my life I have never gotten into it with these so call family of mines. I don't know if it was the wrong side of the bed they got up on or what but I did what I thought was best before it got way out of hand. I deleted him off my list so I wouldnt have to argue with him. I mean if I kept him on then he would of just kept replying and replying more hurtful words at me. well so what I thought was over was only the beginning. After I deleted him, my brother in law wrote to me saying for me not to delete his lil brother like that. He was just trying to teach me about my negativity and so was my brother in law. I don't know where they get off saying that I was negative to begin with. So i replied that I would understand him trying to teach me about my not being so negative if he would of chose better way of saying it or reacting to what i was only joking around with you about. He totally went off and crossed the line disrespecting me on my own page. making me look stupid in front of all my friends and I am the one who is negative? maybe he needs to learn some respect first. well my brother in law replies back that they aint got no F-ing respect for me. I am not gonna get any respect from anyone joking around like that and I better apoligize to his little brother. I left it like that. I was hurt and crying by the time i finished reading that comment. I am hurt that my sister being that she was there didn't even say anything to me to assure me that she don't feel the same as her husband and brother in law. the rest of my family saw it all and I got talked down to by my older sister who looks at me like im worth nothing. my husband got mad that my brother in law would say stuff like that to me so he wrote on fb saying how come he is disrespecting me like that and my brother in law replied for my husband to stop acting like he is so righteous and stop throwing the "r" word around like he knows what it even means. That was when I had deleted my brother in law from our list so that we wouldnt have to deal with him no more. I had to calm my husband down and tell him to let it go. I don't know what or how it started but I am not one who don't know when to stop when it comes to joking around about something. If only they had told me what was going on why they were reacting that way to something I said I would understand and stop it. I don't understand why they would want to take that route. Now I don't plan to go see my mom in the summer time when they are gonna visit anymore because I wouldnt feel comfortable at all with all that was said a few days ago. As much as I miss my mom I would rather see her on happier terms then seeing her and having a big family issue about this. Me being the youngest girl in the family of 8 All of my older brothers and sisters look down on me as if I am still a kid. When I was a kid they never spent time with me. Never hung out or gave me any advice on anything. All I got was crap from them and had to watch their kids. Even now when we all visit my mom they still have me and my husband stay home to watch all their kids while they all go out and have fun. Gosh this is not even the beginning of how hurt I am from the so call perfect family I so call have. but this is one of my stories. I am just gonna let it be like this for now. will be back later to say more. thanks for reading take care and bye.
WendyYang WendyYang
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1 Response May 6, 2011

yeah they did really hurt me. I wished that they would have the decency to apologize but i guess their pride is way over their heads. I don't talk to them anymore either and I am not going to the summer gathering. The only one I talk to now is my mommy. cause no matter what i will always love her for being my mother. but yeah the rest hasn't tried contacting me and I haven't even bothered going back to facebook anymore either. found a better place to visit everyday and chit chat with new friends.