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Smart Phone Spelling Autocorrections

Where smart phones autocorrect messages and hilarity ensues (From the site Damn You Auto Correct)

plungesponge plungesponge 26-30, M 15 Responses May 15, 2011

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Predictive text has been around for some years, before so-called "Smart Phones" (Stupid name: it's just a box of electronics, albeit extremely complex ones deigned by extremely clever people.) I call it "Unpredictable Texas" and find it extremely annoying when I can't find how to switch the "facility" off.

You are god. Laffter endoughrfinns returning to baseline.....


The worst autocorrect ever.. lol..

That site is excellent. It causes many outbursts of office laughter.<br />
Thanks for sharing.

lmao! this is great! and this is also why i'll never have a phone with autocorrect. (:

LMAO, this as the bext one in a long time , thanks for sharing, still laughing away<br />
<br />

Ohhh autocorrect....! These ones are so embarrassing! I have had two horrifying incidences with this. (I can't share lest anyone I know see) but UGH... just UGH! LOL

OMG that was amazing. haha

I couldn't stop laughing. Thanks for the autocorrects. I hate the stupid things myself, but love watching everyone elses misery!

Ohh, my face hurts. I need to stop laughing. Thank you for this :)

*Crying*. That was excellent!!!

I love you. Thank you for giving me tears of laughter .. They were SOOOOooooooOOOOOooooo funny :) That was a great laugh.. xoxoxoxox

I just laughed my *** off. This has happened to me many times - autocorrect makes you proofread like crazy before hitting send.

Hahaha this is awesome. Made my day. So damn funny. Where did you find this - its classic. x