Smart Phone Spelling Autocorrections

Where smart phones autocorrect messages and hilarity ensues (From the site Damn You Auto Correct)

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13 Responses May 15, 2011

You are god. Laffter endoughrfinns returning to baseline.....


The worst autocorrect ever.. lol..

That site is excellent. It causes many outbursts of office laughter.<br />
Thanks for sharing.

lmao! this is great! and this is also why i'll never have a phone with autocorrect. (:

LMAO, this as the bext one in a long time , thanks for sharing, still laughing away<br />
<br />

Ohhh autocorrect....! These ones are so embarrassing! I have had two horrifying incidences with this. (I can't share lest anyone I know see) but UGH... just UGH! LOL

OMG that was amazing. haha

I couldn't stop laughing. Thanks for the autocorrects. I hate the stupid things myself, but love watching everyone elses misery!

Ohh, my face hurts. I need to stop laughing. Thank you for this :)

I love you. Thank you for giving me tears of laughter .. They were SOOOOooooooOOOOOooooo funny :) That was a great laugh.. xoxoxoxox

I just laughed my *** off. This has happened to me many times - autocorrect makes you proofread like crazy before hitting send.

Hahaha this is awesome. Made my day. So damn funny. Where did you find this - its classic. x