I Always Felt My Sense Of Humor Was Quite Ordinary . . .

. . . Until, that is, I began to notice a disproportionate number of people failed to grasp the lulz and quietly stood there wearing an expression of polite bewilderment on their face as I laughed uncontrollably at some obscurely inscrutable bit of humor.  I guess you could best describe my sense of humor as a sly form of dry absurdism.  Everything is a joke and our individual foibles are the punchline.  Perhaps an example would prove more illuminating.
      This is a deceptively simple bit of humor.  You'll "get it" immediately, so fast even, you'll be waiting for another punchline that just isn't coming.  It typically fails to amuse its audience and most people give up on it right away.  However, if you just repeat the joke to yourself a few times, paying close attention to the details of the set up, you'll "get it" all over again.  You'll laugh out loud when you get that long delayed payoff.

      A fat man and a deaf man walk into a bar.

                        Wait . . . what?

      I know, I know!  It's just so damn funny!  That one simply never gets old for me.  I guess you could say that I'm like a salmon, in the sense that I've got a lot going through my mind.
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3 Responses Jun 8, 2011

Underwear! Of course . . . Classic!

I once posted a remark about a woman who constantly referred to her husband as "MY ROCK" .everyone thought she had a great husband, so strong and supportive....then one day one of the women in her group said I thought your husband's name was George. It is she replied..but when I talk to him it's like talking to a "ROCK". I got so much nasty mail on that one..few people failed to realize it was a joke!!! so yeah I understand..please visit my site http://www.kjforce.wordpress.com and read some of my stories ( all real exp) and leave comments

I do like that one. Whats more, you are right on the replay.