I Hate My Mother!

ever since i was little my mother always expected more of me than my siblings. I always had to be more mature and grow up and was stuck worrying about grown up problems that i should not of had to even think about. i always had to watch my siblings and be the extra "grown up" in the house, even though i was only in sixth grade.

to leave it short, my mother and i became distant as i was growing up, we never really had that mother daughter bond. untill about a year and a half ago. i had graduated high school and we had started to bond. i started to enjoy her company for the first time in a long time and it was going great. but then, she started dating this guy.

The first time she brought him over, i knew it was not going to work. the first thing he did was sit down across from me and hand me a beer and asked me all these questions about what i wanted to do with my life. it was far from a good first impression. and i was in the middle of working on something important on the computer also and it was the rudest thing i thought he could have done. i declined the beer, and he took it so offensively and kept telling me it was okay if i had it. and like i just didn't want it. and i definitely did not want to discuss with someone i just met about everything i might be interested in studying in college. well lucky me, he had come over the same night i had planned for a bunch of my friends to come over. and it was awful. he just started acting like he lived in the house. he asked all my friends who they were and like interviewed them all and was acting like he owned the place.

anyway, that is not really about my mom. what is though is how she allowed this guy to be a jerk. that night he came over, he never left. like he moved in that night and i have no idea why. shortly after he did this, he continued to act like the house was his. He claimed that he was worth 2 million dollars and that he was a pilot and that he was in the military as some high up power. and my mom believed everything that came out of his mouth. even after this guy started treating my brother like he was in the military. this guy would make my brother stand there and just yell in his face these awful things. and my brother was only 13 so he would start crying but be afriad to move and this guy would call him all these awful names. and my mom just sat there listening and watching like it was okay.

Over the course of the next four months. nothing got better. this guy constantly yelled at everyone and called everyone names and my siblings and i hated him so much. he always had his uncle give him big chunks of money. like hed go to his uncles and come back with a check for ten thousand dollars. and then hed take us all out and blow all of it on stupid stuff. which that might not sound bad, but it is when he couldn't use any of that money to pay bills or anything important. and he made my mom quit her job so the bills needed to be paid somehow. anything you said could make this guy so angry. one time we were playing a game and i proved him wrong and he started screaming so loud and kicked me out of the house. he kicked all of us kids out at one point. and my mother just sat there and let him.

eventually my mom did get sick of it and she went and talked to his uncle about him. and we found out that everything this guy had said was a lie. this guy had pretty much been living of his uncles money for a long time and wasn't in the military and never had a job as a pilot and had no money of his own. my mother confronted this guy about these things and he said his uncle was lying, but we knew at that point he was the liar.

anyway, my mom forgave him. she did that alot. there was alot of my mom getting mad and taking us to my aunts and being "done" with him, and there was alot of her running back to him. i do not understand how she can keep going back after his calling her names and making her cry so much. and i cant understand how she still loves him, when he doesn't care at all about us kids and he yells and treats us horribly and calls us awful names. it had gotten to a point where my siblings and i all threatened killing ourselves, not all together but we all did at one point because it had gotten to hard to handle. and all my mother could do was tell us to stop and give him another chance. but this guy was an alcoholic and nothing was changing him from controlling my mom and us. one time he even punched my mom in the leg for crying. and he threatened to kill her and us so many times. the police were at our house at least ten times and they could never do anything about him which was the worst part.

well my one brother and i decided we were leaving and we moved to my aunts. and a month or so later my mother and my other brother came to stay there too and my mom claimed to be done with this guy. we believed her too, until she started not coming home at nights and getting phone calls all the time. a few months later my mom got her own place and we kids all moved back in with her and it was going well. but she was still not coming home at nights and we knew where she was going.

and then the day came, were she told us she was bringing this guy back to stay with us again. and this is the point were i lost all last respect i had for her. she made this guy go to get cleaned from the alcohol and he hasn't been drinking. but she still spends all her time with him and doesn't take care of us as well as she should. pretty much anything he needs is more important than what we need. and i hate her so much because all she cares about is not being single and making this relationship between her and this guy work. she doesn't care at all about how i or my siblings feel.
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Sep 24, 2011