Is This Joke Funny Or Is It Just Me?

A young man began his career as a magician on a cruise ship. Vital to his act was his pet parrot - the bird would always steal his act by giving away the trick, “the card is up his sleeve” or “he hid the dove in his pocket.” This always got a great laugh from the audience.

One day the ship began to sink. Risking his own life the magician ran back to his cabin to rescue his parrot. Diving overboard, at the last minute, they landed in the freezing water. The young man grasped onto a wooden door that had broken off the sinking ship and pulled himself and the parrot to safety.

For several days, the pair sat there looking at each other.

Finally, the parrot broke the silence. “Okay, I give up.” He squawked, “What did you do with the ship?”
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21 Responses Jan 2, 2012

Straight Good Joke...........Nothing special
Though the Bird needs a little Roasting

I liked it too, so yes - you must have a weird sense of humour, because I definitely do!

Good one

I ******* LOLLED
Thanks! I was feeling very very Marvin at that moment.


That was hilarious

Jaj,aj,ja,ja,aj,ja,ja It is very goood !!! never saw it coming !! I like it very much. Or it is a good joke or we both have weird sense of humor .

I find it funny too. So, it's not just you. ;)

That's cute!!

two thumbs up

Funny. Definitely funny.

hahaha This is very good, lol hahaha

Hahahahaha I never heard this one xD I like it


i've heard this joke several times since i was a kid, but it still never fails to get at least a good smile from me lol. :D

This is hilarious.......I thought it was quite good...LOL

Yep, that joke IS funny!

i dont reckon its funny.

yeah i understand it.and your welcome. well, actually, its funny just not haha/lol funny. :D

I had a good laugh at it and so did my friends.

ROTFLMTO .. Is this a true story then, is it not meant to be funny, i don't understand, i think its hilarious !!

LMAO I think this joke is rather funny myself. :D So its not just you.