A Walk In Hades Can Change Your Reality

Living in hell can bring a person into a whole new perspective/reality/way of seeing that many do not have and may never ever have.
More people are starting to explore the darker side through books, TV, movies, etc.
Finding the balance is the trick too much on either side sooner or later destroys the treasures found in hades. Every person has a dark side. They are lying or unaware if they say differently.
The worst part about living in hell when you're a kid is you never get to know how empowered you are unless it is to serve a darker force and that isn't empowerment!
Thank goodness for those rare adults who take time for kids, especially teachers! All it took was a couple of teachers to make the difference for me!
OK....wait.... I am not saying I fit in perfectly in society or even understand it but now I know that my differences makes a difference in this world. Don't believe me check out my podcast (internet radio show) Diggers Story.  www.diggersstory.com. It's won 3 awards in one years time with over 50 thousand podcasts. Jimminies that's nothing to sneeze about.
YES we alll can amaze ourselves, make a difference and do it through what you love! Be good to yourself, gentle and kind because you'll need a 24/7 best friend in yourself if you are to take on this challenge, the wild ride of your life. No better way to live than making a difference. YOU CAN DO IT. I BELIVE YOU CAN!
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....Weird...I came on expecting a joke and instead got a pep talk.. oh well it was a powerful one anyways.

i totally agree with you... I think ur awesome, send me a note sometime dude.. when did you start your radio show, by the way?

im going to research and get back with you but can't wait to hear the details.. oxox thanks

You have no idea what the crap you are talking about, are you drinks? Or stoned ?

Your a fuktard....

I like your site, Digger. I saved it to show my daughter.

am really touched ...<br />
thanx a lot

@GLASSLEG I don't know full details of March 14 lackOFbounce so I hope I say the perfect thing.. BUT ░ B ░ E ░ ░ W ░ A ░R ░N ░ E ░ D░ I am imperfect & sometimes a BIG FAT MESS! HEY IT'S OK! I am a work in progress and so are you!. On the most part when I get upset it is my problem and not others. I am a lucky duck tho family and friends know this and call me on it. So it's OK if U didn't understand this time.You're ♥ ღ♥ was good & you're NOT responsible for anyone but yourself. Keep reaching out...that's how we learnѼgrowѼ and HELP ourselves and others.٩(̾●̮̮̃̾•̃̾)۶

your hella intelligent i have to give you props.. you rock digger...

Check this out. I must have beaten some record today. I have only just started using this sight thinking I wanted to try and help people and within two hours I had some bird telling me I was nuts! Properly narked she was. I cant remember what I must have said to her but the funny thing is, I have been off my bonce today and probably wrote her complete nonsense but thinking I was making her laugh. I got three replies off her in an hour saying I had confused her and what the hell was I on about. And I didnt know myself. I could read back what I must have said but I think I will leave it. Bloody cheek though! Your, " NUTS ". I think she may have been right yer know.

What an excellent story! :)

some people i have a weird sense of humor,maybe its just me,or maybe i just married weird.

at leat you have humor and have the courage to speak it out loud

I once had a "STUFFY MONKEY WEARING SOCKS" and was very cuddly... cute and ADORABLE... everyone wanted MY LIL' MONK!<br />
true enough.<br />
<br />
WHENEVER "I" use the word "hell" I put it in parenthesis... because IT surely came out of the ENVY of ROME (no duh, ROME envied ALL NATIONS greatly... ) and ROME was busy CONJURYING up relgions... hated and JEALOUS filled of the "HELENISTIC" period of GREECE... so ... parenthesis only for Me.<br />
<br />
<br />
I like that.

I have no idea how the text of your story fits into this Experience Group, but that's possibly because you have a weird sense of humour! ;) Case in point! And personally, I think a monkey wearing socks is just fantastic, so I'm willing to buy it on that alone! :D