I Think Fairly Odd Parents Is the Greatest Cartoon Ever

 Most people dont find my antics very funny  but i tend to have a dry sense of humor ...Kind of sarcastic .. i suppose maybe its a good thing maybe its a bad thing i dont know yet
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Fairly Odd parents and Jimmy Neutron were my addiction XD

lol i love that show too

Here's a measure for you: People with a 'dry' sense of humor are generally a bit higher on the IQ scale than others. I'm not saying this just because I have a dry sense of humor too, but it's true.... we love testing other peoples' imaginations: just leaving something hanging so the other person can sort of fill in the blank (or not) - thus some of them get the joke and others don't. A sharp wit is a gift: dull people rarely inject it in their conversations and thus they resent it when others do. It's knowing that you have the intelligence to use wit that helps you deflect the criticism that mere mortals hurl at you.Sarcasm as a joke medium is wonderful too so long as it's not pointed AT someone (except politicians or lawyers). A well placed 'put-down' on an 'uppity' subject brings the world back into proper focus as it is usually some situation that is blown out of proportion to it's importance in real life that is the target. Having a friend who can banter with you really helps sharpen your wit. When I was at university I had a friend who also enjoyed this 'art' and we bounced stuff around until there wasn't a sharp corner left on anything.So.... tread boldly and go where only the best comic performers dare tread!If you find your friends are put out with your antics.... simply find a better class of friend! Enjoy your life, make them laugh (or groan) and always carry a sharp quip in your back pocket in case you need to defend yourself.

A dry sense of humor is the best :)

Wanda and Cosmos are hilarious ^>.<^

It was a very very good show!

In this rush-a-day stressed out over taxed world we live in, laughter is the best way to relax, I am a big fan of this show.

i have a strange sense of humor too, and guess who laughs at the fairly odd parent jokes? its a good feeling to knowing your sense of humor is just as weird as someone else's! :D

I don't like fairly oddparents so much. I do enjoy other silly cartoons like spongebob, family guy, etc. I am extremely sarcastic and goofy. I think those are my defense mechanism.

Dad: Hey Timmy! I'm going on a seventeen year trip to Uranus!<br />
<br />
Timmy: It's a planet.<br />
<br />
Dad: Who knew?!?!?<br />
<br />
Me: Oh ****! They did NOT just say that in a kid cartoon!!

Fairly OddParents<br />
Spongebob<br />
Rocko's Modern Life<br />
Invader Zim

Fairly Oddparents is hilarious! One of my favorite cartoons. I love how little Timmy makes all those wishes he later regrets!

i like the fairly oddparents too and i also dont see how having a sense of humor could ever be bad?


I don't see how a sense of humour can ever be a bad thing, so long as you know when it's a good time for it to come out to play :D

It's a good thing. =)<br />
As long as it doesn't hurt anyone, it's a very good thing. Because I like... well, okay, enjoy sarcasm as well, and if the world doesn't have it... =( <br />
too bad.<br />
Of course, maybe your defination of sarcastic differs from mine. =D