Witnessing Animal Abuse, This Is A Long One

I recently witness a truly terrible human being's acts of cruelty toward a small animal. While out for a walk with my dog a man also walking his dog while riding a bicycle was heading toward me on the same sidewalk. About 20 yards away he fell off the bike tumbling down on the dog, a young female pit bull. He immediately began verbally and physically abusing the animal right in front of me, mumbling to me that this was why you shouldn't ride a bike and walk a dog. Regretfully dumb struck I could only stare. As he began riding again, a few feet from me now, he fell a second time and again cursed the dog and then verbally assaulted me, saying I was in the way, I relay this in far more polite terms for you. I remained speechless. Note that this happened on a sidewalk where but 3 feet away is a bike lane on the road side. As he recovered I watched the frightened dog as it lowered it's tail and head in terror in such a way that it seemed to me to desire only to curl up in a ball in some dark corner and be forgotten by the world. Still cursing the foul man road on. While I panned, still watching this individual I caught sight of a young woman on the other side of the street. Not knowing what else to do, having left my cellphone at home, I followed him.

Almost half a mile later, with my dog still at my side, I lost sight of him around a corner. By the time I reached the street he could no longer be seen. I began up it searching for any sign of this real-life monster, the dog in a fence, the bike, anything. I noticed a relatively small white house with an 8 foot privacy fence blocking off its back yard. On both sides of the house this fence had the distinct sign, BEWARE OF DOG. I got the strangest feeling that despite no other evidence, this was the house. Still unsure, I continued down the street to an intersection. Looking down all the possible paths I saw no sign of him. As I walked back, wanting to get home to a phone to report this act, I saw at the house with the signs a man fiddling with his truck. We shared a look. My memory not being one of my strong suites I asked simply if he had just been walking with dog on a bike. His reply was immediately hostile demanding to know what gave me the right to come up on his property (I was standing in the street) and ask questions. Instantly suspicious I pressed to get an answer, saying it was just a question. He demanded to know why I was asking. Again I put his words in a far more civil manner. I told him that I saw him abuse his dog and planned to call the police. At this he burst out with various obscenities saying again it was my fault for being in the way, which confirmed his identify for me. The rant finally ended with the threat to run me over with his truck.

At this point I decided it was best to leave and warn the police immediately. Two houses down I knocked on someones door and asked to use their phone, they said it wasn't charged. I tried the next house where a lovely young mother lived and asked again. This time I was able to call the police and reported the incident. By then the vile man had left in his truck, I told the operator this and she informed me that they could do nothing since he was no longer home. She gave me the number for animal control and that was all. Disappointed I explained to the concerned mother, thanked her and set out for home, looking over my shoulder anytime I heard the roar of a heavy engine.

When I reached my house, I called animal services who said they would call me back. I waited about an hour and got no reply. Again fearing my faulty memory, I got my camera and drove my car back to the man's house. There I made a quick video showing the house so I could remember it and show the authorities if need be. Then I remember the young woman from before who was on the other side of the street when the abuse happened. I drove back home and walked to the general area where she was. Seeing no sign of her, I knocked on the door of a nearby residence, she wasn't there but I was directed to a house just next door. I knocked and when the woman answered I asked if she witnessed the animal abuse earlier that morning. She had, and seemed as disturbed by it. She was kind enough to let me video tape her witness statement. With renewed confidence I retrieved a pad and pen from home and headed back to the criminals lair. As fortune would have it, the man's truck was once again parked at the house. I turned onto a drive way and called the police a second time to inform them of this. They said a car was on the way. Glad for the news I continued with my original plan of gathering information on this horrible creature through his neighbors. Most only new him by face, one mentioned his name was Andy. Approximately 30 minutes of this had passed until I spotted the police car making it's way down the street. By then, Andy had left again. I explained the situation to the cop even pointing out that I had another witness, he just referred me to animal services again.

Defeated I went back home to wait by the phone, not sure which number they would use to call back, my cell or my house. Four hours passed. I called animal services again to ask if they still had any interest in this case, again, I was told that they would call back. This was yesterday and still no reply.

I write this in a most foul mood as I am not only disturbed by the vile man's acts of cruelty to a much smaller creature but also the lack of interest shown by the groups paid to deal with these situations. I also write this in order to record the incident before my memory distorts it. As of now I am uncertain of what else I can legally do and am open to suggestion. If nothing else I do plan to make a video of the information I have gathered and upload it to youtube.
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So sad. Sign of the timez. My friend was out walking his dog a few Weeks back and out of nowhere a neighbors dog came at them. My friends dog is a pitbull but a blue bonnetg who loves every creature on earth. So my friend sheilds his dog and yells the neighbor called his dog over and then went inside. The guy didnt even apologize and my friend was understandibly shook up. He didnt report it because he wanted to let it go but the guy did not even apologize. Its a sad sign of times.

What bothers me the most is that the police and animal services didint do their job and help. As well as the fact it's common sense not to abuse anything, person, child, or even animal.

There isn't much you can do just hope this Andy doesn't have a family because you can be darn sure they get what the dog and you got.There are people like this in the world...cold of heart and missing most of the warmth of love you know.A dog's love is a given and this defective human can't even understand that.Everything is a bother and abuse to him.Sad selfish world to live in. These people beat children,wives,elders and little creatures but mostly their own souls into darkness.So be warned they often come out of that dark place ready to harm "will run you over with my truck"This is not a reasonable person.The law protects us and defends us too so you must wait until he goes into a zone were he forfeits personal freedom.

Indeed, I'd love to lash him up by the neck from a street light for all to see with a piece of paper taped to his forehead reading "I abused animals, now I'm hanging from a street light."

I'm tellin ya theres more to it.Theres a wife or kid behind the door with a swollen lip and black eye or they left his sorry *** and the dog can't ...yet.


You did and are doing a wonderful thing. :) It's very disheartening to hear nobody would help you though. :(

thank you