My Friend And I Really Have A Weird Sense Of Humor O_o

Me and my friend once laughed 20 minutes straight because I killed my imaginary boyfriend in a story... Yeah, pretty weird... But it's just... We scroll randomly trough the songs in our phone, and then we see a title like; my heart is beating boom boom" then I'm like; *grin* his heart isn't beating boom boom. She has to laugh, just because of the craziness, and that makes me laugh to. I don't need comments saying: you are weird, because, believe me, I KNOW :) But being normal is boring! Anyway, here's a virtual cookie! *hands cookie* enjoy!
ElleNoire ElleNoire
13-15, F
2 Responses May 5, 2012

sounds about right

cookie wasn't fully baked. kinda soggy

*rolls eyes* You can click the 'me too' button now, because you have a stupid sense of humor.