When I Found God

written by Doreen Peri
shared here with permission.

When I found God. by Doreen Peri.

When I found God, he was standing on the street corner of Park and Vine.

He thanked me when I found him 'cause he said he was lost and wanted me to take him home. So I did. I even let him sleep in the spare bedroom for a while rent free. He was happy here but he was a little sloppy. He left bits and pieces of wrath and judgement all over the floor and never would clean up after himself. It didn't make me angry or anything, though. Apparently, he had to get rid of it a little at a time or something. Who could blame him? I'd just vacuum his room every couple of weeks because he wasn't doing it but unfortunately it clogged up the machine. I asked if he could help fix the vacuum cleaner but he was just as inept at small machinery repair as I was.

While he was here we played some great poker games on Wednesday evenings. He taught me how to believe in my hand so that I could learn to bluff. Even if I didn't have a good hand, he convinced me that if I believed I'd eventually get a royal flush, I just might get one. And while I was believing, he said, it helped me bluff the other player because they couldn't see in my eyes whether I was lying or not. After he taught me his game, eventually I started beating him. Which wasn't really good for either of us because he didn't have any money and so the IOU kept growing.

One day I just told him to forget the whole debt. I told him he didn't owe me anything. He liked that! He smiled, gave me a hug and said thank you and then he told me, "And guess what? You don't owe me anything either." That was a really cool night. We drank a toast to it.

Right after that... the next day I think... he moved out.

I was glad I found him. I wonder if he's lost again? If so, I hope somebody else finds him and brings him home for a while.
Serenitree Serenitree
70+, F
May 5, 2012