What Should Stay At Home Dads Consider Before Buying A Garage Door Opener?

Did his garage door opener just malfucntion or is it presenting some difficulties when closing the garage door? Has he wasted so much time and money looking for the perfect garage door opener yet it presents these malfunctions after sometime? Is he tired of always buying garage door openers of low quality that wear and tear after a short period of time? 

Well, below are some tips that stay at home dads can use when they are buying a garage door opener.

One of the things that they should consider is the drive type of the garage door opener they are looking to buy. These drives are basically of 3 types as explained below:

  1. First, there are Belt Drives. These types of drives are more expensive than other drives. One distinct feature about the belt drives is that they use rubber belts for their operations. Most people prefer these drives because they tend to be less noisy compared to other drive types.

  2. Secondly, there are the chain drives. As the name suggests, these drives use chains for closing and opening the garage. They are quite common since they are considered the conventional types hence they are found in most homes.

  3. The third type of drives are referred to as the screw drive garage door openers. They are preferred by most people since they require very little or no maintenance at all. They are easy to install and they are also very cheap.

The second consideration he should put in place before buying a garage door opener is the size of the garage door. Most garage door openers can accomodate 6 inches taller than the average size of a garage door which is 7 feet. If his garage door is taller than that he should buy both a garage door opener and an extension kit.

Make sure that he buys a garage door opener which has all the safety features as recommended. For instance, all garage have a safety feature where if the door was closing and something passed underneath then it reverses this process.

In conclusion, by using all the above mentioned tips stay at home dads can get their hands on an exquisite garage door opener.
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1 Response May 11, 2012

This is pretty informative and all of these items should in fact be considered. I just bought a new one myself although I had someone else install it.