My Big Idea

I know now that it is too late in my life to ever accomplish my weirdest goal.
Somewhere in my early 20s, I decided I wanted to (one mystical day) either own or at least be the general manager of a radio station. I got the idea while working at a local AM radio station.
I was then going to petition the FCC to change the call letters to WOCK.
My spokesman for commercials was, of course, the immortal Elmer Fudd.
"Wock and woll!!!"
He'd lipsync songs like "I love Wock and woll" and "Wock till you drop."
Unfortunately, it never came to be but I've thought about it often.
stankadiddlehopper stankadiddlehopper
51-55, M
1 Response May 14, 2012

Haha. Your right thats a little weird lol :) But it would be soooo funny for Elmer Fudd lipsync those songs. I just imagined how that would sound and randomly started laughing :)