We're Terrible People...

Kura & I share an incredibly twisted sense of humour. When she visited from South Carolina a few months ago, it was one of the first things my girlfriend noticed about us. But I'm pretty sure it's not just twisted... it's flat out terrible.

During her trip, we toured this fancy old castle that was 5 stories high. It was a popular tourist spot, so there were quite a few people around. (As with most of my interests, all of the other tourists were seniors.)
At one point, Kura and I were alone in this amazing Victorian-era bedroom, and I had my camcorder out. Our plaque-reading was suddenly cut short by the thunder of an elderly man falling down the stairs. We were right next to the door, so we swung around just in time to see him hit the floor and crash into the wall directly behind us. He was perfectly okay, because he'd only fallen down three or so stairs, but the gaggle of old ladies around him started fussing right away. I had the good sense to catch myself from swinging the camcorder on him when I turned, so I switched it off to spare him the embarrassment. Kura was struggling to stop from laughing out loud, and gave me a whack to stop me from grinning. As soon as all the fussy old women moved on, we both burst out in hysterical laughter. When we caught up with my girlfriend, who was in another room, we were still laughing so hard that we could barely choke out the story to her.

I'm sure that incident is going to be a major bonding moment between us for the rest of our lives, considering we were in hysterics about it for the rest of her visit. We reviewed the videos later and discovered that one of them caught the sound of the old man tumbling down the stairs at the end.
Yup, pretty sure we're going to hell for that, LOL.
22-25, M
May 18, 2012