Just seeing how different people view the world helps me to expand my view of the world. I get such a kick out of asking and answering questions on EP. And I learn at least one thing on the forum every day.
Silly questions are fun, of course - for asking and answering. And there are enough silly people here to keep that going most of the time.
Some of the "arguments" we have in answers is quite fun, too.
Sometimes I give a silly answer to a serious question and get chided for it. But no big deal. They get enough serious answers that one or two silly ones won't hurt them.
I also like asking true-life questions that I either already know or could find out quickly enough with a Google. Invariably, there will be at least one response where someone did Google my subject, then copied and pasted the answer in its entirety. Hilarious.
But the absolute funniest thing is when I ask a silly question and someone tries to make logic of it.
EP is a fertile ground for studying the human psyche, as well as good therapy for those of us who have the need to interact.
stankadiddlehopper stankadiddlehopper
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3 Responses May 22, 2012

I like your thinking. Any thing for a laugh.

Like you, I can be somewhat of a smartass, and the Q&A section is quite often my playground too....great fun...you`re a man after my own heart, Eugene...

You have summed up the Q&A section quite well. I like EP for similar reasons.