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Pet Attraction

Why do we humanize animals-- mainly pets--- and give them "people names"? I don't know, but that was the subject of humor for me and my mom the other day on our way home from work!

We ended up playing THE Name Game on a local farmer's small herd of llamas we passed! Here are some of our suggestions: Dolly Llama... Osama Bin Llama... Mohammad Llama... Bohamma Momma Llama... and Barack Obama Llama!

Any more bright ideas before I talk to the farmer about this??!!

emerald emerald 36-40, F 30 Responses May 2, 2007

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Lol great.

Thanks, restored! :)

Welcome lol one can be named shama llama.

LOL. Indeed, restored.... we will include Shama Llama to the list! :D

he he.

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Drama Llama!

Ha! Perfect! And I don't think ever suggested in here yet! :D

You and your mom win at life!

lol, Ggabbyy. Thanks! :)

Cute and creative! :)

Might I suggest Fernando Llama (ask you mother).

NIce!, Penguins and raburcke.... ;D

how about a swami called Rama Llama Ding Dong

haaahaha great story ^^

Oooo, Chimi-llamas and Enchi-llamas!! :D THanks for the add ons, folks! <br />
OS... you reconfirm that we "humanize" ALL types and breeds of creatures! I really like the FROG! That was creative and funny! :D

Drama Llama.... LLamapalooza....Como te llamas? (lol "what is your name" in Spanish!)

My newest cat is named Mickey Mouse, and my father had a frog he called Nervous, 'cause he was so jumpy. The littlest dog was Pip Squeak, The neighborhood cat is named Mr. Kitty, and the squirrel is named Missie Bertinelli.<br />
As for llamas, perhaps Lilly Llama, or Larry La Llama, and Luciano LLamaretti

How about "como se llama?"

Yay, Faucon! We just named your new pets! :D I can tell you one thing I learned: CAREFUL! They DO spit! Just like a camel! :O

ROFLMAO, ST!!! OMG, you are SOO RIGHT! I'm one of the guilty for saying it! JUST LIKE THAT, TOO!!!

Llamagini and llama beans! Love it! <br />
ROFL, PT! It might work! :D

i don't know myself, but i thought you could get that on a llama certificate.

Uh, PT.... before I agree to that.... WTH did you just say??? :O ROFL!

PT llama a su mama<br />

ROFLMAO! I knew I could count on you guys! And gals! ;)

Lorenzo Llamas

Let's ressurect this old story and see if some of my new friends can come up with a few Llama names! :P

we animalize animals too. Like naming your pet mouse Ms. Kitty. That came back and bit the mouse in the ***. Literally!!

I named a dog "Ratt" once.. He ended up getting into this ladies pantry and eating rat poisoning and dying... How was that name for foreshadowing?

usama bin llhama

lol i never really thought about that .. my brother named his rott heidi ( his last name is Heid ) and a snake sidney , my dogs name was sadie . its so funny !!! lol ill be looking for it now

lol good question tho....ya see, now i gotta google llama names. i never thought id do that lol

XD llamas!!!<br />
I don't really have fun in creating fun names (I'm not creative in that! =P) But I have a few friends who can come up with over 100 names that resembles muffins. *No comments* <br />
Osama Bin Llama... XD LOL!

Sounds like Sinister and Luci took a cruise trip and got high! lol

tiajuana llama


I love this story how funny! I know growing up I always wanted to give our pets people names. My mom has a little minature pincher and her name is Mustang. I have never called her that. I call her Juanita and she answers to it too. Now almost everyone calls her that. She is old now I think she is 11 yrs old. My mom got her when my son was only 5 yrs old. He couldn't pronounce Juanita so he called her Juanina instead! We still laugh about that.