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Why do we humanize animals-- mainly pets--- and give them "people names"? I don't know, but that was the subject of humor for me and my mom the other day on our way home from work!

We ended up playing THE Name Game on a local farmer's small herd of llamas we passed! Here are some of our suggestions: Dolly Llama... Osama Bin Llama... Mohammad Llama... Bohamma Momma Llama... and Barack Obama Llama!

Any more bright ideas before I talk to the farmer about this??!!

emerald emerald 36-40, F 28 Responses May 2, 2007

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You and your mom win at life!

lol, Ggabbyy. Thanks! :)

Cute and creative! :)

Might I suggest Fernando Llama (ask you mother).

NIce!, Penguins and raburcke.... ;D

how about a swami called Rama Llama Ding Dong

haaahaha great story ^^

Oooo, Chimi-llamas and Enchi-llamas!! :D THanks for the add ons, folks!

OS... you reconfirm that we "humanize" ALL types and breeds of creatures! I really like the FROG! That was creative and funny! :D

Drama Llama.... LLamapalooza....Como te llamas? (lol "what is your name" in Spanish!)

My newest cat is named Mickey Mouse, and my father had a frog he called Nervous, 'cause he was so jumpy. The littlest dog was Pip Squeak, The neighborhood cat is named Mr. Kitty, and the squirrel is named Missie Bertinelli.

As for llamas, perhaps Lilly Llama, or Larry La Llama, and Luciano LLamaretti

How about "como se llama?"

Yay, Faucon! We just named your new pets! :D I can tell you one thing I learned: CAREFUL! They DO spit! Just like a camel! :O

ROFLMAO, ST!!! OMG, you are SOO RIGHT! I'm one of the guilty for saying it! JUST LIKE THAT, TOO!!!

Llamagini and llama beans! Love it!

ROFL, PT! It might work! :D

i don't know myself, but i thought you could get that on a llama certificate.

Uh, PT.... before I agree to that.... WTH did you just say??? :O ROFL!

PT llama a su mama


ROFLMAO! I knew I could count on you guys! And gals! ;)

Lorenzo Llamas

Let's ressurect this old story and see if some of my new friends can come up with a few Llama names! :P

we animalize animals too. Like naming your pet mouse Ms. Kitty. That came back and bit the mouse in the ***. Literally!!

I named a dog "Ratt" once.. He ended up getting into this ladies pantry and eating rat poisoning and dying... How was that name for foreshadowing?

usama bin llhama

lol i never really thought about that .. my brother named his rott heidi ( his last name is Heid ) and a snake sidney , my dogs name was sadie . its so funny !!! lol ill be looking for it now

lol good question tho....ya see, now i gotta google llama names. i never thought id do that lol

XD llamas!!!

I don't really have fun in creating fun names (I'm not creative in that! =P) But I have a few friends who can come up with over 100 names that resembles muffins. *No comments*

Osama Bin Llama... XD LOL!

Sounds like Sinister and Luci took a cruise trip and got high! lol

tiajuana llama


I love this story how funny! I know growing up I always wanted to give our pets people names. My mom has a little minature pincher and her name is Mustang. I have never called her that. I call her Juanita and she answers to it too. Now almost everyone calls her that. She is old now I think she is 11 yrs old. My mom got her when my son was only 5 yrs old. He couldn't pronounce Juanita so he called her Juanina instead! We still laugh about that.