Need New Ghanna Letter So Here Is Mine

I am Moobassa Motogotbota, but you can call me on Tuesday. I am a hip black cat. I am here for all the *******.

My father was the late, always very late, but now he is the late that is never coming home, So I came to Ghana to take care of my mother who is not late but is very sick. So you can send me $2,000 for my ticket and $2,000 for her ticket and she has very nice doctor so we need $2,000 for his ticket and doctor has a mother too and she is not sick and is not late, but is very fine lady who would walk on beach, but we have no beach and she has not the feets form before her knees, so she is very short and is convenient to play the man's most noble flute. Her ticket will be $5,000 because she has a cow. She will need a bull so you must get bull as well.

But my late father has 42 million Croatian Kruna on deposit in the Banka Slovenije which is being guarded most dilegentlmenly by Wojakiz Moslatim and his elderly mother, who was my very late father's private secretary but they will come by boat because the money is too much for carry on bag for the airplano. Wojakiz has one goat and two sheep, but he tell the boat people they are his young children, so no charge but one sheep does not have dress, so include 42.87 of the Czech Koruna because no good dress for sheep in Slovenia. So please send boat.

But soon you have many money and we can eat very good dish of wild monkey brain, but Doctor's mother's cow says please send picture of bull first.

Most excellently I will receive your writings for underment and charm with your supplications of desire for marriage.
dragonofjapan dragonofjapan
56-60, M
Sep 24, 2012