I laugh at odd things and at the most inopportune times. I have laughed at funerals, in court where I was supposed to testify, and in many other odd places. Things that others may not find funny tend to be funny to me if I think about it in the right frame of mind. I have never said I wasn't weird though. 
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And I thought it was only me...

Everyone! we are not weird.....It's everyone else thats just wound to tight!! lol!!

Boy! a shrink would have a heyday with my head with that statement!!! lmao!!

I have always said "life! is to serious to be serious all the time"

I have a friend that would always laugh in the middle of intamate moments with her fiance`....she swears she is not laughing at him but it is still funny

If a person can't laugh while at a funeral, I don't want to know them. I know people who think they can't laugh at a funeral.

I am right there with you on this one...I have been at some of the most serious events and laughter just wanted to bubble right up in me......I was good and managed to keep it under wraps but it was hard. My mom says it's just a nervous reaction some folks have for dealing with stress....