Very Random Humor

I guess I was always like this ever since I was young? I'm not sure but I always knew I found the strangest and most RANDOM things hilariously funny. When I first went into high school in grade 9, I met a girl who was exactly like me... it was awesome (we are now to-die-for best friends) and now, everybody thinks we are absolutely weird.
What we do is we think of random scenarios of f-ed up stuff... like an old man floating in the air naked and then a giant bird swoops in and eats him and then lays an egg. I know, I know... you probably think we're psycho which yes, I do believe we most likely are but I don't know, I always thought those kind of totally random stuff are so, so funny.
We also make weird noises and make fun of people on the subway of how they're sitting, how their feet are positioned or if they have a really funny feature on their face. People always take it we're criticizing them but really, we just have really crazy minds. Our teachers call us absolutely crazy.

OH! And also, we don't find stuff that are meant to be funny, funny... it's just not funny if you try to be funny? I don't know if you get my drift. It's funny if it's something just natural and totally not supposed to be funny. We also LOVE reactions from other people about our humor because it's funny watching their facial expressions and responses of how f-ed up we are. I just realized how many times I said funny.

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1 Response Dec 1, 2012

i like people with a creative sense of humor cause you think for yourself. thas cool. oh awesome avi pic too