I Laughed At An Ocd Woman On Tv In My Psych Class...

I was with my friend Vik and the subject of the day was mental disorders. I don't laugh at them just to be a biznatch but I watch a lot of TV shows, especially with Netflix and I suppose I've become numb to the idea that it's a bad thing to laugh. But this woman in this video we watched was obsessed with washing her hands, and when she would attempt to take her son for a walk, she would back up the stroller and turn around in circles every two feet and talk to herself. Vik and I laughed out loud because it was funny! The professor paused the video and said that this woman was suffering and how dare we laugh at her situation and obviously thinks we were just jerks. Then the video continued and the lady started crying calling herself pathetic and wishing she could do something and how the first thing her infant son mimicked was washing his hands and she knew it was wrong. That made us look horrible. Oh well... Shouldn't brood over it I guess.
imperfectfit imperfectfit
22-25, F
Dec 4, 2012