There Is Nothing Off Limits To My Sense Of Humor.

This isn't a constant state of mind with me, a lot of times I keep my giggles to myself, for experience has taught me that too many people get offended by other people enjoying themselves.
I think that everything should be laughed at, in some manner. I don't mean if someone is in a crappy situation, laugh in their face, but sometimes I just can't help but to see the humor in how messed up things can get. Everyone goes through ****** situations in their life, and they almost always make it through them. So why not look at it and laugh, rather than letting more negative emotion come out of it?
I believe that if you can't laugh at something, it has power over you. It causes you some sort of fear. Whether it's fear of how other people will react to your amusement, or fear of whatever you're laughing at affecting you in some negative way.
If people could take some things less seriously, those things wouldn't seem so bad anymore, and it wouldn't be considered wrong to laugh at them. It's a vicious cycle of people not enjoying themselves as much as possible, in my opinion.
PsychoSkittles PsychoSkittles
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1 Response Dec 11, 2012

I agree with this on so many levels! Wise words :)