The Joke's On Me

The best comment, the only one I remember, and perhaps most accurate assessment I ever received on a college term paper was "This is a ponderous mass of bombastic verbosity." I love that quote and understood exactly why he didn't just write "bullshit!"
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Sometimes in this day and age an instructor can get away with a bullshit or two depending on the student.

One of the best laughs I have had all week and a great quote. I would love to know what the people who have not posted reviews on my book think. For some reason, I am just thankful to be an author as I have been writing poetry from the early age of four. It is a life long dream come true. It is more important to me that I write from the heart and either it's liked or it's not. Incredibly, so far, so good. Let me know about some of the books, articles or whatever that you have had published. I am very interested. I am thrilled you have a sense of humor as there is so little of that these days and so very necessary!

Well sometimes our critics r our best friends we learn from them and hate them at the same time

Great quote

Ha!!! Nice....I just may use that sometime!!

You're welcome to it and it actually taught me a lot about writing.

Writing or about u

C when I write its always about me and my story it's something which impels me to tell the story of real people I know even if its disguised

Even though my novel is fiction, 70% is loosely based on real events in my life that happened to me and all of the events actually happened (to someone) although I twist, exaggerate, and flavor them with my own imagination and collapse them into one character's view of life.

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