It Gets Me Into Trouble. A Lot.

I have a very... unique sense of humour, and it has got me into trouble a few times, for example..

This one time (at band camp) NO! couldn't resist :P

Ok lets say it this way, a while ago, about 2010-2011 i was having trouble concentrating on day to day things (serious depression will do that to you) so i wouldnt notice my friends until they were RIGHT in front of me which always made me jump, so as a joke, i decided to turn that jump into feigned horror.
A friend would appear in front of me, and i would jump, then i would collapse backwards in horror seamlessly like it was all one motion, and shout "no get away" I thought it was funny, especially when it started getting old for my friends, until i did that in the dean of student's office, and al the staff came running. Apparently people actually do that sometimes, have panic attacks and stuff for no reason. Well, suffice-it-to-say, i was very apologetic, and that was the end of that joke.

One of my favourite passive jokes, to this day is to just occasionally, without warning or any reason, just undo the shoelaces of my friends, the the exasperation on their faces is hilarious, now they all use double knots. I am foiled!

My entire family has a similar sense of humour, and there is one greeting we all enjoy, we see someone we are pleased to see, cringe at them and say "urgh, its you" its harmless, and obvious that we don't mean it, except this one holiday, we ALL unwittingly did it to the same little girl completely separately  (she was my cousin, my parent's niece) she ended up crying in her room until we came and explained it was just an unfortunate coincidence that we ALL did it to her...

Still, its not all bad, many people like my sense of humour, it just takes getting used to though.

OH, i was doing something else, when i just remembered a joke that went down really well. I was at my church at Boy's Bregade, there were like 5 of us on computers at the time, and i looked over to see one guy on a sex chat room, but he wasn't joining in, he was irritating them by copy/pasting the bible into the chat room. However, he quickly got bored, so i joined the chat room, and got everyone else to join all naming themselves "Monk 1" through to "Monk 5" and we played a game to see who could get the most people to leave as possible, now we were just having some fun, but by the end of our fun, there were over a dozen people who had changed their names to "Monk something-or-other" and joined in. We eventually completely cleaned out the sex chat room XD

Or there is my personality test. ONLY do this to a friend, strangers dont react well. Poke them in the nose just once. There are only 3 reactions to this:
1) Avoidant. They move their head out of the way as if to say "im sorry is my nose in the way of your finger"
2) None. They just sit and let it happen, usually with a look of mild annoyance and curiosity
3) Aggressive. They stop you, either by slapping your hand away, or telling you off. 
Now, depending on which category you fall into it can mean only 1 thing. Nothing at all, its just funny poking them and then having them listen to this complex and psychology-sounding explanation only to find out that there is no purpose to it at all :P

I enjoy MANY less irritating jokes, but these are my favourite.
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Nice light hearted post,I enjoyed this,thanks for sharing. :-)

Well... you are forgetting something, if the reaction of the people is not right, if you make them feel uncomfortable then you have a problem. You see, life is not all about you. I had that problem too, now i just make a joke when i know wont be any trouble

99.9% of the time the joke is funny and enjoyed by all, it's the 0.1% when I misread the situation. that is the problem.

I love poking people in the nose.