Long Before Ep

Long ago I started a website with Q&A. Long before I discovered EP. What I did was get me some ‘free’ space on the net, managed to learn to make a basic page with the basic ‘free’ software they supplied. I managed to even make the same page look similar in Internet Explorer and Firefox :). Photos and text and things overlapped a bit in Firefox…sometimes :(, but anyone who visited the page could see more or less what was on it. I called my site www.what?.com. Anyway, my spirits were high and I set me up my own Q&A! Then I sat back and waited for someone to ‘hit’ my site up and ask a Q. I sat around for a few hours, for a few days, for a few weeks and finally after a year and a half it happened! Things were happening! Now, me being the only man on the team at this point (the future was looking bright though!), it was up to me to respond to the question. And boy was I ready! The year and a half had felt like a lifetime. I was definitely going to keep it humorous, lively and entertaining, so as to attract people to the site. The last thing people want is some dull, taking it ‘over literally dude’ responding. And that’s just so not me,… just so long as I’m sure what the User is asking :) Here’s how it went:
User: “How are you?”
Internetman (which is me :): “How am I what?”
User: “How are you doing?”
Internetman: “How am I doing what? I think you might want to be more… specific…sir”
Internetman: “Hello?...User?...”
I think at that point he probably had a power failure or something in his town because I noticed he’d gone offline. But I’m sure he’ll be back just as soon as he's up and running. In the mean time I’ll just wait for others he might have told about www.what?.com
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1 Response Dec 15, 2012

I'm surprised he didn't come back...

The page is down at the moment but I'm working on it, make a turn some time :)

OH! Seriously!!!??? That's your ACTUAL site? I'll check it out when I get back!