Calvin And Hobbes

Does anyone else miss Calvin and Hobbes? I think it was among the most creative and insightful comics ever, and downright fun to read because it exposed the kid in all of us!
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I love Calvin and Hobbes!!

I have every single ***** in a collector series. My heart was overwhelmed by the very last *****... "Let's see what's out there." Two of my dearest college friends used to dress up as Calvin & Hobbes. I love that *****, and I always will.

I'm trying to understand why there are so many "bleeped" words in a response to a comic *****... you're more excited over C & H than me!! (:

It's the word $trip!

bleeped words? Oh right, my red dot of doom. Before the judgment of God descends upon me... I have a red dot on purpose so that minors can not read my posts. I do tend to swear, although there were NO swear words in what I wrote to you. I promise. I think it may be censoring the term used to describe a single comic series entry. It begins with the first three letters of 'street' and ends with the last two letters of 'flip' ... not exactly a bad word or term, just one specific to comics. I think I used the term 3 times... sorry. I promise there were no swears.

I figured that out... please note my 2nd response to your entry... the computer was bleeping the word $trip. No offense taken. I wasn't condemning you, just trying to understand the ***** marks. Blessings.

I'm sorry. I wasn't being clear... I am usually NOT invited to be friends with people who are confessed Christians because of my red dot. The assumption is that I have adult themed material--and that my only presence here IS adult themed topics. I also have been blocked by a lot of people precisely BECAUSE I clearly state that I am NOT a Christian. I am very spiritual and have a deep love for Christ. I just won't be a hypocrite. Calvin and Hobbes reminded us that the simple joys found in every day life were worth holding onto. I love the honesty behind it. In many ways, I associate Calvin and Hobbes with our pre-9/11 days when we didn't know what 'terror' really was. That time, we were innocent of it, in many ways. That innocence was imbued with purity. Now that we know... like we all took a bite from the forbidden tree, we are tainted just in the 'knowing.' For those of us that remember our world before the Patriot Act and the TSA-empire, we are no longer innocent to the truth. For me, I miss that time.

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Calvin and Hobbes keeps getting better as i grow older (and perhaps wiser).

Omen of the greatest comics ever.

There was something special about those comics that reached across generations. They were funny too.