Thank God!

so glad im not the only one. I'm so mean to people but there's me cracking up. I don't even mean to be? just comes out and im like ops. I never mean to hurt someones feelings or to even put them down, I mean it in a funny way of course. I wish other people understood that.

behonest123 behonest123
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1 Response Jan 5, 2013

I can understand you in many different levels. I am a pretty funny gal myself and am pretty corny. I make jokes, and make people out of jokes.
I've realized that this isn't good. You must know where to draw a line. It's one thing joking about yourself or a situation, but don't make jokes out of other people. Some people don't understand humor as we do, and it can hurt them very much.
Words do have a huge impact on people. Try putting your feet in other peoples shoes it helps! I've started doing so.