My Unintentional Intention

What was your reason for coming on Experience Project ? For me it was boredom . I got titillated by the fact that I could have sort of a dirty little secret from my wife without really cheating. I can friend or become friends eventually with other bored married or single women and sort of fill a missing something in my life. I would put of a ambiguous idea of myself as sort of a thoughtful and caring "friend" . But really I wanted to hear all your deepest darkest fantasies without the guilt of cheating. Some women would see through my facade, I didn't give a ****, totally worth it . Do I feel guilty for not telling my wife my original intention for coming on E.P ? I would give a tempered maybe to that question, in life we all tell little white lies. I'm not cheating for Cris sakes! What Ive found on this site has changed my thought process of my intentions , to a degree. I still feel that desire to seek the dirty and the dark of some women's desires . Even if I'm not the reason for there desires , it means very little to me. I'm probably a creep to some degree , **** it . Why do we all try to be saints ? We should strive to be good yes , but god dammit how about being a little creepy ? Whats the harm , who knows me on here ? Not a soul , so why do we try so hard to be liked . Be a little creepy , have an edge, don't always say the right thing . The norm has gotten so ******* boring , we are boring people to death . The great Jazz pianists Thelonious Monk would purposely put pictures on his walls crooked in his house , they would be level and he would grab the picture and make it UN level. All I'm saying is we should try to be creepy or not level sometimes , without hurting anyone
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