Please Define Weird?

I am not sure what it means to have a weird sense of humor. Does it mean that you find things funny that are weird? Isn't that sort of what makes it funny, and how can that be weird? My best friend from when I was 3 until we were in our twenties and went our separate directions, had her husband, at the time he made the comment he was her future husband, tell me and the other guests at their house that his girl friend had a perverse sense of humor. This was based on an incident when they were driving down the freeway and she noticed that there was a bee climbing on his arm and she told him that and as he frantically let go of the steering wheel, which she fortunately had the good sense to grab a hold of, to start pulling his shirt off over his head she hysterically broke out in laughter. I don't think it was weird, possibly not to smart but she only found out of his "deathly" fear of bees at that moment. I grew up with this girl and personally witnessed her falling to the ground in laughter when I was walking across the horse pasture leading my horse and tripped and fell into deep powder dirt to see her helplessly doubled over in laughter. I had a physical disability that caused me to trip and fall but I do not think that in any way affected her finding my falling "face down" in the dirt funny, it is just who she is. One day in High School a very large girl (a fairly close friend of my best friend and I's) fell at the top of the two tier stair stair way at our school, and as the poor girl slowly rolled down the stairs my girlfriend and I both jumped out of the way (just as everyone else did - with no one attempting to break her fall though it wasn't a dangerously steep staircase) and after she asked if the poor girl was alright after she landed at the bottom of the stairs my girlfriend fell to the floor with laughter. I don't think she is weird or mean, she is just very easily amused and can't help it. Is that weird or just weirdly normal?
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When someone suffers a little misfortune like the girl who fell down to stairs or yourself when you tripped and fell while walking your horse. Doesn't everyone laugh and find those things funny, except when they happen to them. I too would have found those sort of things funny as well, I would then probably make some comment like "Did you enjoy your trip?". But I would also be concerned that you hadn't been hurt by it. So I guess you could say I have a weird sense of humour as well.

<p>cool, great prose Chelebub,<br />
I don't know what weird sense of humor means either but I know I have one! <br />
It might mean laughing your head off while everyone else fails to see the funny side or are too politically correct or they just dont get it because your comment was a little too obscure, and slap stick comedy - not everyone laughs at slap stick</p>

I think if you can't laugh at the humor that is life then you are missing out on the real point of living!

Not weird at all, my whole family has the same thing! I remember accidentally slam my thumb in our car door, which automatically locked. When I got my moms attention(she'd been pumping gas), and showed her what happened, she barely managed to get her keys out she was laughing so hard. As soon as the pain went away, I started laughing about it too ^_^

I had a very similar thing happen with my car's automatic lock and as I struggled to grab my car keys out of my purse, which I dropped them into after locking my car door but not before removing my thumb from where I it was just before I shut the door, and because it took a little while for the shock and pain to set in for having not quite removing my thumb from the door frame of the car, I did find my stupidity quite hilarious. Not so much several hours later when my thumbnail turned blue with the blood from having smashed it in the door, but what else can you do but laugh at your own stupidity? Maybe I am weird and not the things that happen to me:)