My Dad Should Of Known.

It was 1992. I was 9 so I'm not sure of the exact date but it was in winter. The coldest day on record as a matter of fact minus 2 degrees. Bare with me because this becomes important later.
It was a rare thing that all us boys and dad had mountain bikes at the same time. Money was stretched and such luxuries were few. So on this cold morn it was decided amongst us men that a little ride was in order and we pulled out of the driveway like a bunch of Hells Angels bikers. Ah formation not attitude.
We rode down to the jetty as start of our cavlcade and that was were things went interesting. For the hill going down to the jetty is steep and you can get up to quite a bit of speed. My brothers were the first to instigate the race. James in the lead, Sean in pursuit.
"Slow down you boys," Dad roared as the pelted up the jetty. "What here I'll get the boys!" He yelled to me as he took off after them. Now he was a big man. Not tall but wide and he was ungainly on his bike with his trousers always absent the last button done up falling down behind him causing quite a sight. I couldn't help myself but give lose a mighty cackle at the funny scene. My sides felt like splitting. My hands at the source. the bike veered to the right. I panicked. Tried to correct and all of a sudden there was this agonising pain in my rear as the front wheel slammed into the side. The seat planted itself where it oughtn't. And just as my startled yelp reached my lips there was an almight whump on my chest and everything was icy cold as my lungs were filled with saltwater.
My chest burnt my hands were like a vice. and no matter how hard I peddled I wasn't going anywhere. I looked up to see the startled face of Danny Oestman staring down at me and by his look I can tell someones died. A second later Dads boof head appears next to Danny's. His eyes are startled. Then he cracks up laughing. Danny looks at him scandalised.
"Can you swim?" Dad yells down.
"Good cause I'm not jumping in after you," he yells back roaring his head off. I tread water trying to make it to the stairs that are near by but unable to get very far. "Can you make it to the stairs?"
I couldn't answer for my head was sinking under.
"Let go of the bike," dad yelled. "Swim to the side and climb up boy."
I didn' want to lose my bike but I couldn't make the distance. So with reluctance I did and side stroked to the metal pylons that made up the frame of the jetty.
"Is it cold down there?" Dad called
"Not when you get used to it!" I replied to raucous laughter.
The barnacles cut my hands something bad. and I was forced to walk all the way home in my two trousers, two jumpers and sopping wet. With my bike helmet still perched where it was when we first set off and my brothers and father laughing all the way.
Mum wasn't the least bit happy of my state of attire. She didn't believe I fell in by accident either. She ran me a hot bath and I jumped in While Dad cannabalised the crab nets to get a rope long enough. I was out the tube, dressed and out the door before mum knew what was going on. Dad had a deft hand with razor fish claws. He tied it to the rope and in one go got my bike hooked and hauled it out of the water. From the top of the jetty where we could see my bike and the skid mark of my front tyre. We could tell that if I had gone just one metre more further I would have fallen on the jetty's frame and squashed flat. Dad said I was lucky to be alive. I was lucky to have my bike back. We got home and Mum threw me back in the tub. Which kind off sucked since I already had two baths today. Well one and a swim.
The best part didn't happen till the next day. For then the bruise had formed and boy what a bruise. You try belly flopping 20 feet and see what happens. I was sure proud of that.
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interesting story.. Thank you.