I Have A Gnome Fetish.

In my front yard I have a wild garden populated by gnomes. I have one with a red hat called Norbet who carries a trowel. Knut who wears a blue one that is waving and Noddy who wears a green hat and pushes a wheelburrow.
Each day around dusk or early early in the morning I will move them around. Placing them in different areas of the yard. So it appears that they are moving on their own. I even have replicas of them in various poses and carrying different tools. I even have them mooning sometimes when I feel their in a cheeky mood. From time to time I hear voices outside saying things like:
"Look mummy they've moved again I told you."
"Don't be ridiculus chad."
"I swear mummy that one had a wheel burrow yesterday but his picking his nose today."
"They can't move don't be ridiculus."
"Lets come back tomorrow you'll see."
I love it. I can't help myself. I just have to change them around again that night and imagine what their reaction will be when they come round again.
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3 Responses Jan 14, 2013

haha. :D

This is hilarious

Oh, I would pay money to see this! How fun!