The Lady Bowlers.

A bus load of lady bowlers where on the way to a saturday's game in the next town when their bus was sideswiped by a truck. The ladies soon found themselve at the pearly gates with old Saint Nick rifling through his papers.
"I'm sorry ladies," he says disparagingly. "I'm afraid due to renovations we do not have enough room to let you in right now."
"What do you mean," replied the Skipper. "Where do you expect us to go?"
"We're going to have to send you to hell for the time being" Saint Nick replied feeling sorry for them already. "But it will only be for a few months at the most."
The ladies grumbled to each other as they were being led to hells elevator.
2 months go by.
Saint Nick is busy at his plinth going over order forms and construction costs when Lucifer came out of the elevator.
"Hey Lucy hows it going?"
"Aw Nick you got to help me please."
"Why Lucifer what seems to be the problem?"
"Its those bloody Lady Bowlers you sent down. With all the raffle tickets and cake stalls they are $2000 away from getting airconditioning."
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Jan 14, 2013