Do I Really?

I wonder if I can actually praise myself to say this. Is it praise to say that you have a weird sense of humour? Does it really matter anyway?

Since I have subscribed to this group it is right that I write something. So here goes.....

An old lady was on a flight. She was sitting beside a young businessman.
After the in-flight meal she took out her Holy Bible and starts her devotion.
The businessman glances at her and said. Do you really believe those stuff in the Bible is true?
"Well, yes, as a matter of fact I do," said the old lady.
"Yeah, right..." the man scoffs, "like... what's that guy's name, the one who got swallowed by a whale..."
"You mean Jonah?"
"Yeah, Jonah, I mean, how do you actually survive for 3 days in a fish's bowel?"
"I don't know," replied the old lady, "but I can ask him when I see him in heaven someday."
Feeling smart, the young man said: "Ok, but what if he's not in heaven because he went to hell?"
"Then young man, *you* can ask him" replied the old lady calmly.

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Jan 15, 2013