Some Might Not Understand

I like to joke about random stuff. I don't really ever joke about people, unless that person is making a joke of themselves. To clear things up, I don't like to joke about disorders, conditions or disabilities, I think that's very rude and quite immature.

I love dumb humor like a lawnmower flying around in the wind saying " Follow your dreams" for no apparent reason. I like to watch things like Family Guy, American Dad and Saturday Night Live ( though I find some material offensive and annoying such as, the chicken fight and the meals on wheels episode on Family Guy )

Humor to me is different than most people who seem to need structured humor about something everyone goes through or something or someone in daily life that irritates them and is true. Sometimes, I do find those things funny but rarely.
HappyZappyZaperson HappyZappyZaperson
26-30, T
Jan 15, 2013