Whoa whoa whoa!
This stinker was something else.
It caught me completely off guard.
Now I'm a lady above all else, but this stinker demands to be shared.
I think it should be a record..somewhere!
I mean_the **** coming out of my a** ...and how literal this **** actually is..damn!

So I was minding my own business, giving my body a quick wash..and like a blowhole, stinker erupts!
He..(I feel stinker's masculine)..he decides to "exit" with no prior warning.
A fine line separates stinker from a does that same line separate **** from fart. But that's neither here nor there...

And the smell..oh the smell..
You know, as humans, we were built to endure our own exhaust fumes_for lack of better words_and sometimes even dig them, look forward to them..I know I have.
But stinker,oh stinker...he smelled so horrible..rotten had nothing on him!He was on a league of his own. I just stood there, utterly breathless_obviously coz all the good air had managed to escape in time. And now I was left to fend for myself..left alone with stinker!

Well folks, as all good things..and bad..must come to an end, stinker finally subsided, and I was handed my humanity back to me.
Now I shoulda just let it slide, like all other farts, but stinker had a special place in me that had to be let out_literally..and I felt the need to share his memory that left a sour taste in my mouth..well..and other places!
loud1 loud1
Jan 16, 2013