Mirroring Personality

There's obviously something weird about you when you find it funny to watch puppeteering Halo figurines by a 25 year old in such a way you adapt them into your heart. This is just an example of my twisted sense of humor. I sleep while listening comedians tell jokes, I put YouTube comedians as background noise while studying, procrastinating or tidying my room.

I believe your sense of humor mirrors your personality. Generally depressed people like me find the stupidest stuff funny and actually try to make others laugh, as well as laughing at things other people would find weird. To me, it is just another way of coping with solitude and making things better and slightly more colorful. And the people who can make others laugh the most are sometimes the saddest people of all. I know that because I do it too to others.

Sadness comes out as jokes and sarcasm...
Daggerfall Daggerfall
18-21, M
Jan 18, 2013