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What is a word made up of
4 letters yet is also made
up of 3. Although is
written with 8 letters, and
then with 4. Rarely
consists of 6, and never is
written with 5.
InnerBeauti InnerBeauti
4 Responses Jan 21, 2013

Thank God for other people's comments or else I never would have gotten very good

Im actually glad you did!
I'd probably hurt myself trying to figure it out! O.o

Haha I'm:D I got it..... But after I read JesusKravitz!........ He's good! :)

Sorry if I spoiled it for you. Maybe I should put a spoiler alert on that...

He is very clever indeed!

Here`s my guess: (SPOILER ALERT!!!!!) This isn`t a question. It`s a statement. The word "what" has 4 letters, the word "yet" has 3, "although" has 8, "then" contains 4, "rarely" has 6, and the word "never" has 5. They`re not all describing one word collectively; they`re stating the letters they contain themselves, but by putting them in this sentence with certain wording misleads you into thinking that they all point to one word.

Very good!!! ;)
I showed this to a few friends the other day...I still haven't heard any answers or replies...not even a guess...haha
It makes you think the first time you read it....but then a second later you notice what it's really saying.

Thank you! The thing that kind of tipped me off was the strange punctuation. They were all separate sentences instead of just using commas. Plus, the lack of a question mark at the end contradicted the first word "what", which implied a question. Great riddle, though!

Haha...yes...thank you! You are quite clever :)

So are you. I would`ve had some trouble coming up with something like that. very sweet....but truth be told, I didn't come up with it myself... :)
so I can't take credit...but I will take credit for finding it...haha

Either way, it was a good find. If it can get me to think more on a weekend, then it`s always a good thing.

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