Idle Hands....

Fresh out of high school, I began a very boring job at a very boring factory with very boring people. The monotony of doing one thing all day, every day, quickly wore on my sanity and, after countless trips to the restroom, i soon found myself creating other tasks to break up my day.
One afternoon, a strange bug happened to scurry out from some packing material and i, delighted with such a find, quickly scooped him up. I located a plastic container used in packaging our products and set to work on his new home. I found some rubber-bands, paper clips, erasers, pen-parts, and a multitude of other seemingly job-related items and began to build Bugsy's mansion. After finishing all the insect-sized household furniture, i looked at the clock: 20 min. left. I decided that was the exact amount of time i could drag out a trip to the bathroom. I then clocked out on another productive day and went straight home.
The next morning, still wiping sleep from my eyes, i made my way to my work station. I pulled a cookie from my pocket and took Bugsy's mansion down off the shelf. AND THEN I SAW IT!!! There, inside plastic paradise, instead of my new little friend, was a RANDSOM NOTE! It read that if i ever wanted to see Bugsy again, i would have to pay up! Well, as you could imagine, i had my "work" cut out for me that day! -a randsome note meant that not only would i HAVE to make "missing" posters, but i would HAVE to spend the entire day making posters of ANYONE that could be a suspect, as well - for questioning, of course! So, i quickly got on task; like a mad-man, I drew, interrogated, took notes, hired secret agents, and distributed my posters. At the end of the day, i knew i had done everything i could and the rest would be up to God. I clocked out and went home with a clear conscience.
The next morning, rushing through the building to my station, my apprehension grew with each step as i passed missing posters that had been torn from the walls. Nervously, i reached for Bugsy's home...... i quickly spotted another folded piece of yellow paper through the transparent walls. I opened the blister. But wait, what was this? BUGSY!!! He was alive! He was home and unharmed! I was estatic! Then i read the note....... It said, "You're Fired!"
I guess we don't all have the same sense of humor........
iluvhairymen iluvhairymen
36-40, F
Jan 24, 2013