Double Dose

Both of my parents had very sick, morbid, wicked yet funny senses of humor. And since they have both passed i seem to have gottn a double dose. I was bad before, but man i have got a 100 times worse. But its so much better to laugh then to cry. And to see people look at you when I'm laughing over something that is just completely inappropriate just makes me laugh harder. Thanks mom and dad.
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i am the same way- i wish i could somehow record some of the visuals i have in my head as people are talking to me cos they are so funny - i always laugh at my thoughts - a sense of humour is so important for staying sane as long as it doesnt hurt anybodys feelings

very true. But sometimes i do with out meaning too. I'm very blunt to a fault, and i use my humor to be that way some times. I don't do it on purpose. It's the way i was raised. I try very hard not to be such a smart ***.

Better to laugh than cry, my humor is very dark and hard. Why is the monster always the bad guy? Write a short story, have fun,

Yeah I found it helps. And when people get offended they just have to get over it. Most my friends know how i am and why so they take me as i am. But I have found oput Im not so alone in the world. So thanks.

Same here. I guess this weird sense of humor is due to a little bitterness we gained through our tough experiences and we make humor with it to deal with that instead of being depressed, something like that. Besides it's a complex sense of humor that shows our intelligence. Keep it that way! It's so awesome!

Thanks man. Yeah I guess there is a lot of bitterness . I love being a smart *** . And wouldn't have it any other way :)

We share the same fate. It's how we deal with bad things. Good to know that another person has the same taste in humor than me :)

You said it... better to laugh than cry. :-)

it scares me when i find inappropriate things funny.

not me . i just laugh and think of my parents. i guess its my time with them now. very morbid, but true.