I also have a serious problem. I CANNOT stop listening to Jack Sparrow(ft. Michael Bolton) by The Lonely Island. I heard it a long time ago but just recently downloaded it. The good thing about it is that it makes me laugh a lot. So, there's that...(except when I wander around work going, "This is the tale...of Captain Jack Sparrow, Pirate so brave...")
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And after that, I meet my totem spirit
It’s a rattlesnake, so I have to kill it
Then I drink all his blood and steal his powers
Slither around in the dirt for hours

Bahahaha...had to youtube this. It's awesome! Hilarious, but leaves me to wonder what the heck The Lonely Island's thing with effin' fish's brains out?

Maybe they're lonely like their name implies and have sexual disassociation with giant fish?? lol

Oh no I'm going to be rocking in the corner all night singing it now

This is the story... of Johnny Montana

It's Tony Montana...ya know...Al Pacino as Scarface. Consider yourself schooled. :) Snortin' Mountains of Cocaaaaiiine! (Close enough)

sorry its late, of course its Tony Montana haha

Sure, sure...blame it on being "late". (It's not late at all where I'm at.)

well the thing about the internet is people around the whole world can be talking to you. okay I sound a little defensive. But its only because I usually don't make mistakes like that and I have a acute fear of being judged :\

I can talk to people from around the WHOLE world!?!?! Technology...it's a grand and scary thing. I wasn't judging at all. No worries on that count!

are you being sarcastic with me old lady?

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OMFG that song makes me laugh so hard, every time I watch it. Whenever I show it to someone they never think its funny as me. Thank god I found someone else!

It's funny as hell, that's why. I had it stuck in my head a work a few days ago.