There is a certain point in a person's life when he/she has to admit that they have lived out a certain area of his/her life completely. This is where I am fearing that I may be with sex. I may be done. Not by choice, but it may never ever again. So, that's my reality, but I'm trying to stay positive.
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Took me a while to bloom too, dude. It'll happen. Chasing it and being open to it are two different things.

Why? Like feel no urge to? Sex is awesome. Get your nut bro!

It's not by choice...I would love to "get my nut," though.

I sense there are some issues?

Not that I know of. I just have no game I guess. lol

Keep your head up bud. You have game. Just don't be scared of them. (Trust me some are scary) you just have to find that one that isn't a total **** and will actually talk to you. If you look like you have game appearance wise, they think you have game. So stand tall, smile, and go talk to some chicks :)

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