I have always been an avid reader and have an extremely high reading comprehension. So do me a favor, give me a word and I'll see if I can't define it adequately.
P.S. I could not find an appropriate topic to put it under, so it got weird humor.
P.P.S. English please, no foreign word stumping.
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Askhole....you might be an askhole.

Sounds possible. Ive been called variations of that word.

Bathykolpian ;)

I don't speak Klingon!

It means big - breasted! Lol

Nevermind. New favorite word!. Thank you very much.

ROFLMBO @ you on this! :D

It's one of my favourites as well xD

P.S callipygian means having a well rounded buttocks. XD

She's got bathykolpian and callipygian written all over her!

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Boom! Stumped ya! :P lol

Not yet. 25 year old man who enjoys working with his hand. My point, thank you much.

Where do I look that up in dictionary to make sure of accuracy?? :P

My brain dictionary. It's mine. I don't share :)

This conversation is loosing me

Too bad, its a funny one.

Oh really

Well, it is to us. Otherwise we wouldn't have had it.

This is true

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this post is silly because it is so easy for you just to google the meaning.

I know, but if you check some of the posts, you'll notice I said when I didn't know the word. They stumped me a couple times.

Everyone does

Everyone does what?

Have a weird sence of humor there r no such thing as a normal sence of humor

Lol yeah, but there are more vanilla sensibilities.

Vanilla not chocolate šŸ« or strawberry

Hmmm, Neapolitan humor.

I like chocolate chip cookie dough

You know its advised agaisnt eating raw cookie dough? Uncooked eggs and such. Oh well, it hasn't killed me yetn

Me either but its a special kind of cookie dough it doesn't have any eggs I watched a special on ice cream

Sweet, no more worries about salmonella, thanks.

Np anything to make things good

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Damn and blast. Nice. Had to look that up. Never had reason to use old English before. I am going to start learning those words. Thanks.

youre welcome :) you said english words, you never said it had to be modern english :)

:( Doesn't mean you you have to take advantage. Although if you hadn't, I wouldnt have learned that. Ok, im over it.

hahaha ok, :)

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